Sunday, 21 February 2016

Kama Nature Reserve VKFF-0848 revisited

My last activation of Kama Nature Reserve VKFF-0848 was cut short by rain, after only 14 contacts, so returned to try and complete the required 44 WWFF contacts.

As per last activation parked in the car park off William Hovell Drive and walked under the underpass to the gate for the park.

Gate to Kama Nature Reserve. Made a couple of trips from the car to here to carry all my gear, camping table and chair and radio.

Set up the shack at the base of the sign. The sign provided a little shade.

Dipole legs running out to the fence and a small sapling.

Got on 40 m. Having my large shack TS480 radio able to run a bit more power than I usually have from my 5W FT-817, ran at 10 w to save the battery, cranking it up to 20-30 w when needed.

The band was in good shape, strong signals from VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and VK7. As per my Friday WWFF activation worked Peter VK3PF/P on Mt Hotham, he then passed the microphone around to the others there. Worked Andrew VK1AD/3, Compton VK2HRX/3, Brian VK3MCD/P.

Switched the links in the dipole to 20 m. Found the band poor for EU, made a weak contact with Sergey RA3PCI, my only park hunter from Europe. Worked John VK6NU/P on a SOTA summit VK6/SW-031 with a good signal. John was also having problems with Europe.

Returned to 40 m, working Rob VK2QR/3 on SOTA peak VK3/VG-045. Plus a few more hunters. Interestingly, worked 2 locals Andrew VK2UH and Matt VK1MA both who wanted to know where Kama Nature Reserve was, does not seem to be a well known park. I had no idea myself until a few years ago it existed.

The battery showed signs of going flat after 2 and a half hours operating so packed up. Made 30 contacts, with the 14 contacts before made the WWFF requirement of 44 contacts!

As now had the 11 park activations with 44 contacts each able to apply for the WWFF Hunter 11 Award.

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