Sunday, 1 November 2015

Kama Nature Reserve VKFF-0848

With unsettled weather decided to do a WWFF parks activation that didn't need a long walk to enter, so could quickly pack up if it started raining. Kama Nature Reserve nearby was good as only a short walk from the car park to enter the park.

The park is off William Hovell Drive, running down to the Molonglo River, close to Coppins Crossing. A map of the park is hard to find, it is missing from Google Maps and other Canberra suburban maps, even from Oztopo which is fairly detailed. Here is a screenshot of the park from Protected Planet website,

Drove to the car park off William Hovell Drive, on the opposite side to the park. There is a sign to the park and an underpass, originally to move stock under the road when the land was farmland.

On the other side of the underpass a locked gate, with a gap for walkers, and some signs for the park. Interested to see it is now signposted as South Kama, might be a North Kama planned?

A sign about Kama Nature Reserve, and a map of the walks. Sign indicates declared in 2009 to protect Yellow Box-Blakelys Red Gum Grassy Woodland, an endangered ecological community.

Followed the path up the hill for a short distance before spotting a suitable log for squid pole support. Didn't want to walk far due to the threat of rain, plus I was carrying a fairly heavy camping table and chair :)

One dipole leg tied to a nearby tree. The other end onto a log in the grass.

Radio set up on the camping table. A luxury as I usually sit on rocks and logs :)

Got on 40 m. Started by chasing a couple of SOTA activations, VK3XDM/7 Mitch on VK7/NE-024 on Flinders Island, and VK1VIC/P Tony on 2m FM on VK1/AC-023 Mt Coree. I also worked Grant VK4JAZ/1 on 40 m on Mt Coree. Could see Mt Coree, shrouded in low cloud. Worked them again after post UTC day, also Andrew VK1NAM/P on Mt Stromlo VK1/AC-043.

Went up to the WWFF calling frequency 7.144 Mhz and started calling. Discovered afterwards had come up only 2 Khz away from the VK2 WIA broadcast callback on 7.146 Mhz so moved after a few contacts. Worked VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK7.

Around midday the rain started, so quickly packed up and headed back to the car. Only 14 contacts so got the park for VKFF award purposes, need to return and get the remaining contacts for the WWFF award.

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