Sunday, 30 August 2015

Summit Point VK2/HU-080 road closure

Planned to activate Summit Point VK2/HU-080 near Newcastle. Turned off the Newcastle Freeway to Seahampton, then climbed up until reaching the turnoff to Sugarloaf Mountain. This is where I got stopped by a serious gate with STOP signs...

Notified chasers on Sotawatch activation cancelled...This is mainly a warning to anyone else planning to activate this summit soon.


  1. Activated this summit yesterday, Ian - first activation there for 18 months. The gate pictured was open and the Road Closed sign had been removed. I was able to drive to the base of the summit.
    - vk2io

  2. Thanks for the update Gerard. I've removed the link to this from the SOTA website for this summit. Must give it a try next time I'm in the area.

    Ian VK1DI

  3. Just confirming the road has now been repaired and access is back open.
    Side dirt roads should be driven with care though, as rain has caused some good sized ruts and wash aways.


  4. up there today. Lots of work done and was at summit point.
    A gate closer to the site was closed(first time I've seen it closed) but a vehicle track can be taken to get around it.
    A 4wd is required.
    The summit is approx 500m walk past the gate if you choose to park up and walk.