Saturday, 22 August 2015

Gungahlin Hill Nature Reserve VKFF-0844

With a pleasant sunny afternoon decided to activate another WWFF park, Gungahlin Hill Nature Reserve. This is a small Canberra Nature Park protecting a remnant forest of Scribbly Gum and Brittle Gum, between the new Canberra suburb of Crace and Gungaderra Grasslands Nature Reserve.

I entered it by driving South on the Barton Highway from the Gundaroo Drive roundabout and heading off a dirt access road on the left to a car park near the reserve.

There are some random walking tracks heading up the hill, unmarked and some possibly just animal tracks. The woodlands is fairly open though and you could almost just cut cross country to the top.

After about a 300 m walk and a 30 m climb from the bottom reached Gungahlin Hill "trig". Not the usual metal trig, just a concrete pillar with "Gungahlin" painted on it. There is not much of a view here due to the trees.

I could have operated here but would have had to have sat on the ground, so went looking for a more comfortable operating spot. Found a nice large log I could sit on and mount the squid pole on just downhill from the summit.

View looking down the slope. A large reservoir nearby.

Set up the radio shack on the log and sat on it, fairly comfortable.

Got on 40 m first. Started with a park to park contact with Rob VK4AAC/5 in Parndana CP VKFF-925 on Kangaroos Island, good signal. Found a spare spot and started working through a steady pile of park hunters. Another park to park with Peter VK3PF/P in Crossover Regional Park, VKFF-965, a newly added park to the WWFF awards. Also Gordon VK5GY/P in Cox Scrub CP, VKFF-824.

After 40 m dried up switched to 20 m and spotted myself on the DX cluster. The usual bunch of keen EU park hunters found me straight away...


Signals good from most of them, they gave me 53-55 reports, not bad for only 5 W :)

Noticed on the DX cluster a spot for Andrew, VK1NAM/P doing a SOTA activation on VK1/AC-043, Mt Stromlo, so gave him a call. Very strong signal. He was having fun with the EU chasers too.

Continued calling, worked a few more EU stations, HA6OB, DL2MIJ, UR7AT. Signals getting weaker though, so moved back to 40 m. Last contact Paul VK5PAS/P in Scott Creek CP, just before he moved off to 20 m to chase the EUs.

31 contacts all up so another park I'll need to revisit for the required 44 contacts.

Track log of walk

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