Friday, 21 December 2012

SOTA chaser contacts with VK3PF/P

At home today cleaning up around the house after finishing work for the year, gave me a chance to work Peter VK3PF portable from a couple of SOTA peaks.

His itinerary was as follows:

0000 UTC VK3/VT-018
0130 UTC VK3/VE-021 Mt Blue Rag
0300 UTC VK3/VE-015 Blue Rag Range
0500 UTC VK3/VE-024

All on 40m SSB.

No luck at all with VK3/VT-018, heard one station working him but down in the noise. Gave him a call when his signal came up, he did hear me but then I lost him in the QSB, just too weak.

More luck with VK3/VE-021 Mt Blue Rag, Peter was a good 58 signal and gave me the same. 

Also similar signal at the next peak VK3/VE-015 Blue Rag Range. Chatted about the road, if you look up Blue Rag track in google you will find many 4WD videos and reports, a tough narrow 4WD ridge track with tremendous views. Peter chickened out on the last ascent, and was a bit worried about the drive out! Hopefully he made it as nothing heard from the next peak.